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Museums and the Future

July 26, 2019

In a recent opinion piece in the NY Times, Museums Need to Step Into the Future, Darren Walker calls for museums to embrace a new and more diverse society, to relinquish their role as “guardians of a fading social and demographic order.” Instead, he believes, “museums have the responsibility to… Read more

Astrolabes & Navigation (redux, again)

July 23, 2019

A friend recently visited Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum and came across the reference to the astrolabe in Muslim culture. Thinking of me, she snapped a photo and sent it to me: While I am delighted to see astrolabes in a children’s museum, I am disheartened to see a museum misrepresenting… Read more

Notes on West’s Textual Criticism

February 18, 2019

Random thoughts from M.L. West’s Textual Criticism and Editorial Technique. In one section West surveys “Various causes of textual discrepancy.” Notably, although many a “textual discrepancy” is an error, West is careful to allow for other types of variations and different causes. Under the category “semi-conscious and unconscious changes” West… Read more

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