History of Science Trading Cards

For some inexplicable reason, the are no history of science trading cards. So I have started putting together the first set of trading cards for the history of science. This first set will include 64 cards, 16 in each of the four quadrivial subjects: Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry, Music. Here are the first five cards.

Grosseteste in playing for arithmetic.
Grossteste’s bio and stats.
Galen is playing this year in the music division.
Galen’s bio and stats.
Euclid is playing, naturally, in the geometry division.
Euclid’s bio and stats.
Archimedes is playing in the arithmetic division.
Archimedes’ bio and stats.
Hypatia’s trading card. This year she’s playing in the Astronomia division.
Hypatia’s bio and stats.

Over the next few days I will post the rest in the run up to the first ever HistorySTM March Madness (my small effort to offset the sports frenzy that will consume the U.S.A. later this week).

HistorySTM March Madness is coming
HistorySTM March Madness is coming

More details on the HistorySTM March Madness later today or tomorrow.