Monthly Archives: January 1599

A true discourse, vpon the matter of Martha Brossier

Martha Brossier was examined by many religious authorities, and reported to Parliament to be faking despite popular opinion, could not answer in Latin despite rumors, officials began to exorcise her, she put a cross in her mouth, endured pin pricking, includes original document of her possession and goes on to disprove the points made, some saw her raised into the air, she was made to only drink holy water several days by a bishop

A discouery of the fraudulent practises of Iohn Darrel

60+, included here because trial seems to be of interest, over 150 pages, a discourse attempting to prove that Minister Dorrell taught Sommers to counterfeit his possession, too long to summarize but an outline of the arguments is broken down by book at the end of the document

A brief apologie prouing the possession of William Sommers

written by the minister himself but apparently published without his knowledge, descriptions of his fits and a black dog that appeared, argues that the swellings seen across his body could not be counterfeited, criticizes Sommers for being a liar, claims that the confession of Alice Goodridge also confirms that the Thomas Darling was not lying either, contains a list of evidence supporting his case

The triall of Maist. Dorrell

seemingly a defense of Master Dorrell, who was accused of teaching multiple people to counterfeit possession, inquiries were made into the possessions of several young girls, one of which gained supernatural strength and knowledge, contains multiple allegations and then reasons why they aren’t true, discusses the possession of William Sommers, discusses Katherine Wright and Martha Brossier, also contains a report of Oliffe Barthram of Stradbrook in the County of Suffolke bewitching Ioane Iorden, for which she was arraigned and executed in 1599