Monthly Archives: January 1622

Newes from sundry places…with other great harme done elsewhere, by lightning and thunder

reports of Spanish troops from Venice, news of the Pope from Rome, the stories of a Count Mansfield, then a relation of the storm in Devon and Somersetshire, and the shipwreck in Catwater, a man fell sick as if possessed and asked to go to land, when he was denied by the captain he said ‘d you not see two devils yonder,’ after being tied up he got free and leaped into the ocean, after which there arose a lightning and windstorm, throwing the ship into the rocks, the storm had ramifications on land, killing many crops

The boy of Bilson

a young boy was thought to be possessed, could identify his supposed bewitcher when she was in the room but could not hear verse, he was found to be mixing ink with urine to feign bewitchment, he confessed to have meet a Thomas a priest, who taught him how to pretend in order to skip school, they tried to convert him, he begged for pardon after confessing