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The examination, confession, triall, and execution

The devil appeared to Joan Williford in the form a dog, she sold her soul and gave him blood, pled guilty and was executed, Joan Cariden also saw the devil in the form of a black dog, and he sucked her; Jane Hott reported a hedghog coming into her room at night when she was asleep and sucking her blood, she did not pass the water sinking test and was executed with the rest of them.

The confession of Mother Lakeland

Contains theoretical description of the laws and discovery of witchcraft, then discusses the professor of religion Mother Lakeland who was constantly solicited by the devil, who did not push her to deny god but wrote the Covenants in blood in her hand and gave her three imps, with which she bewitched her husband to death along with others, for which she as burnt to death, upon her death marks of flesh in the form of a dog she had apparently given a man disappeared.

A true and exact relation of the severall informations

Elizabeth Clarke was accused of bewitching a sick woman, she admitted to having sex with the Devil in the night, she was accused of several bewitchings, told the lame and poor Anne West that she could live better through spirits, an associated Anne Leech was responsible for the death of a child, Rebecca West daughter of Anne also confessed to knowing the devil in many shapes, including a young man, the witches would meet at the house of Clarke to send of their spirits, contains many other accusations and examinations of minor cases of witchcraft, mostly dealing with Imps and teats, both men and women, all in 1645 all of which were seemingly executed.

A true relation of the araignment of thirty witches

A Rebecca West went to a meeting of witches with her mother and others, they prayed on a book and spirits came out, after she renounced Christianity the devil came to her as a dog, and then later a young man asking to marry her to which she said yes, a Mr. Long reported trying to save a witch who the devil controlled, fourteen of the thirty witches were hanged.

A true relation of the araignment of eighteene vvitches

a Mr. Lowes confessed he bewitch a ship, A Thomas Evered and his wife Mary confessed to bewitching beer, other witches who bewitched children and cattle, they found teats on many of the witches in shapes of thunderbolts and mice and snakes, 120 other suspected witches in prison, the described witches were executed

A true and strange relation of a boy, who was entertained by the devill

John Buxford had a son named Joseph who he apprenticed to a weaver, he ran away temporarily to live as a soldier, his master changed into a black flying horses and took him away into the air, and then into the middle of the earth, he was revealed to be the Devil, saw many people being tortured in hell, he was returned to earth and found speechless and burnt

Signes and wonders from heaven

a woman came to a house where only a maid was present demanding beer and bacon, when the family returned the maid was trembling in silence and the beer was everywhere and the master’s pigs died, reports of 40 arraigned and 20 executed witches at the Assizes in Norfolke