Monthly Archives: January 1653

Doctor Lambs darling

Anne Bodenham, former servant to Dr. Lamb, admitted to being able to transform herself into various animals, including lions and dogs, and use spells, she also forced an Ann Stiles to sign the Devil’s covenant in blood when she was sent over by her master, she was bewitched after, Anne Bodenham was hanged

Doctor Lamb revived

Bodenham was known to practice popery, Anne Stiles came to her house to inquire about her master’s silver spoon, when she returned a second time under orders Bodenham showed her people through a crystal, they thought Stiles to be poisoned, another time the witch drew a circle in front of her house with a staff and summoned spirits, the servant was sent to her house multiple times, later she went into uncontrollable fits, she was hanged for her witchcraft.

The Quakers shaken

the author went to a Quaker meeting, they denied ministerial authority, after going to the meeting the author was unable to read the Bible, and became carnal, giving into the curse of the Quakers, went into fits in a meeting and dreamed of sin, due to the Devil’s instigation he thought to be conversing with God, he was forced to draw circles around his house, almost slit his own throat with a knife