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Pamphlets about various weather phenomena, e.g., lightning, comets, thunder.

A faithful narrative of the several strange prodigious signs and wonderful appearances & accidents

A book for the prodigious and wondrous times, a thunderstorm in Daventry in Northamptonshire killed four people working in the fields, in Gofsforth near Newcaftle there was a whale, or sea monster, spotted by many, making strange noises, some farmers in Exeter saw an approaching arming riding white horses, in the island of Ely in Cambridgeshire there was a hail and thunderstorm, killing many livestock, a man in Maldon saw a light in the sky, and then two men in the sky as well, but then heard gunshots to see two men fighting with pistols on ground, one was killed.

The true state, vigor, and growing greatness of Christendom, under the influences of the last triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Leo

Discusses the rise of the Turkish empire, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 1682 in relation to Mr. Holwell’s text, disagrees with him over some astrological calculations, the effects of this arrangement includes war, treason, death of royalty, gives a historical discussion of conjunctions, the comet, however, was responsible for the besieging of Vienna, it was seen in Jamaica and England, it was a Saturnine comet, foreshadows evils, war, plagues, storms, locusts, mostly in Turkey as it’s under Saturn.