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An Answer of a letter from a friend in the country to a friend in the city

speculations on Christ’s second coming based on numerical calculations from scripture, rumors of coming war, the recent comet is indicative of the coming apocalypse, blood falling from the sky, the most recent comet signifies Christ’s coming work, plagues and fire, and a flood the enemies of God’s people, from which they will be delivered, bad news for France and an upcoming death of a European prince

Memento’s to the vvorld, or, An historical collection of divers wonderful comets

discussion of past comets, especially that which appeared after the birth of Christ, then more recent comets including the last two, which foreshadow God’s wrath, discussion of biblical wrath such as the Flood and the punishing of Egypt, and how sin like in the past is abundant today, the comets signify poverty, plagues, and storms, in addition to war, fire, and lightning

A blazyng starre or burnyng beacon

a star appeared in the sky, signifies the imminent second coming of Christ in the sky, call to repent, long discussion of the apocalypse through scripture and how some have calculated the duration of earth, mention of earthquakes and famine that have occurred since, description of the comet comes later, a discussion of other comets from 1100-1500

A straunge and terrible wunder wrought very late in the the parish church

says God warns us by signs from heaven and firey appearances, we will be warned of Sodomiticall or Babylonicall destruction, people gathered at a Church to see the storm of lightning and thunder, when a black dog appeared with flames running through the congregation and snapped the necks of two praying, “example of Gods wrath,” the dog was seen elsewhere as well