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Doctor Lamb revived

Bodenham was known to practice popery, Anne Stiles came to her house to inquire about her master’s silver spoon, when she returned a second time under orders Bodenham showed her people through a crystal, they thought Stiles to be poisoned, another time the witch drew a circle in front of her house with a staff and summoned spirits, the servant was sent to her house multiple times, later she went into uncontrollable fits, she was hanged for her witchcraft.

A briefe description of the notorious life of Iohn Lambe

Doctor Lambe used to go to houses teaching children English, first transitioned to wickedness through the profession of science and physics, after which he fell into other ‘mysteries,’ showing husbands and wives their spouses through a crystal glass, found guilty of unchristian practices and evoking evil spirits, was indicted for bewitching a Th: Lo W., pleaded not guilty, found guilty, but no judgments passed here, he was made prisoner at the Castle of Worcester, 40 men involved in the case died in the same night, he was moved to London and there arranged for the rape of a young girl, a year later he was attack by a mob and beaten to death