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A diary astronomical, astrological, meteorological, for the…with a further account of the late terrible comet

descriptions of the recent solar eclipse and past comet, the eclipse tells of revolutions and deaths of great princes and emperors, drought, famine war, plague, the comet tells of much of the same, in addition to earthquakes

The blazing star, or, A discourse of comets, their natures and effects

a blazing light like a star was seen in the sky, rehearses a brief history of comets and their significations, then describes the astronomical details of the comet, states that all comets bring with them drought, bareness, and pestilence because of their physical effects, this one specifically will bring war because the air is dry, which bring heat, and heat makes men angry, the position of the sun is good news for the king

A contemplation of mysteries

a long theoretical description of different types of weather and their explanations, including reports of comets and their historical ramifactions, examples include a comet causing drought in Lumbardie, another flying over Scotland resulting in the death of the king days after, one other in Scotland causing the death of king William, also comets causing storms, floods, and droughts