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A diary astronomical, astrological, meteorological, for the…with a further account of the late terrible comet

descriptions of the recent solar eclipse and past comet, the eclipse tells of revolutions and deaths of great princes and emperors, drought, famine war, plague, the comet tells of much of the same, in addition to earthquakes

Strange and wonderful prophecies and predictions taken from the apparition of the late dreadful comet

the comet in 1680 signifies storms, plague, famine, death of livestock, flood, war, three suns have been seen at once, warns of cruelties from a powerful prince, the eclipse seen in February tells of disputes in religion, disease especially in great men, the death of a prince, and earthquakes

News from the stars, or, An ephemeris for the year, 1678

considers the comet of 1677 in relation to the recent wars in Europe, states that the comet may have more effects yet, corn grew improperly in March and two eclipses occurred, one of the moon and one of the sun, July tells of disease and storms, predictions of a great eclipse in October, then discusses the recent comet in detail, and how it foreshadows negative things for mankind, like famine and earthquakes