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Newes from the stars, or, An ephemeris for the year

reports of four coming eclipses, of the sun and moon, comets in 1665 signify war and peace in the southern colonies, gives month by month astronomical observations and their ramifications for 1666, predictions of war with France and other European disputes, possible plagues in France, then news of peace, the signs of 1666 suggest the downfall of Rome and the Roman Catholic religion, relates this to the number of the beast, sings of disease in Europe

Certaine vvonderful predicitions, for seauen yeeres ensuing

Mars’ joining to the sun in 1602 signifies upcoming disease and war, the arrangement of Venus suggests fortification and adultery from women, the coming Eclipse will usher in depopulation and problematic births, eclipses of the sun to occur in 1605 will bring about grievous incidents, gives precise dates for the eclipses, suspects a large incident such as the death of a prince or king to occur, as it did with Caesar’s death