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Strange and wonderful prophecies and predictions taken from the apparition of the late dreadful comet

the comet in 1680 signifies storms, plague, famine, death of livestock, flood, war, three suns have been seen at once, warns of cruelties from a powerful prince, the eclipse seen in February tells of disputes in religion, disease especially in great men, the death of a prince, and earthquakes

Of the crinitall starre

discussion of a Crinitall stare, then discusses the comet brought forth the slaughter of princess, floods, and an earthquake, after these effects the author noticed the star in the sky, since it is watery, dark, and pale it signifies bad omens to come, since its tail extends to Mars this also signifies bloodshed, the effects will not reach Africa but will reach Germany and England

A contemplation of mysteries

a long theoretical description of different types of weather and their explanations, including reports of comets and their historical ramifactions, examples include a comet causing drought in Lumbardie, another flying over Scotland resulting in the death of the king days after, one other in Scotland causing the death of king William, also comets causing storms, floods, and droughts