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A faithful narrative of the several strange prodigious signs and wonderful appearances & accidents

A book for the prodigious and wondrous times, a thunderstorm in Daventry in Northamptonshire killed four people working in the fields, in Gofsforth near Newcaftle there was a whale, or sea monster, spotted by many, making strange noises, some farmers in Exeter saw an approaching arming riding white horses, in the island of Ely in Cambridgeshire there was a hail and thunderstorm, killing many livestock, a man in Maldon saw a light in the sky, and then two men in the sky as well, but then heard gunshots to see two men fighting with pistols on ground, one was killed.

A true relation of the many sad and lamentable accidents that have happened by the fearfull floods

Reports of rain, thunder, and lightning throughout England, killing people and livestock, a man with several horses continued to travel a road that had become a river, they were carried away into a ditch, more reports of damage and killed livestock throughout England, lightning struck several people dead.