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An Account of a strange and prodigious storm of thunder, lighting & hail

there was a terrible storm in Oxfordshire of lightning and hail, barns were burnt down, a boy was struck with thunder but recovered, reports of a Catholic Jesuit churches being destroyed in a similar storm in France, yet the Protestant church in this town remained unharmed, lightning also struck a ship and several crew members

The Strange and dreadful relation of a horrible tempest of thunder and lightning and of strange apparitions in the air

a storm sent hail and lightning down in Wetherby, many people say ‘appearances of several shapes’ in the storm, then a whirlwind of flame descended from the sky, also reports of a monstrous birth in Ill-Brewers where a mother gave birth two a female conjoined twin two necks and heads, they were baptized and are to be brought to London for the curious to see

Feareful neuues of thunder and lightning with the terrible effects thereof

forty days before the incident, the sky turned red, then a discussion of the idolatrous Papacy, and then back in England the sky turned black on one side with sun on the other, and a rainbow appeared, then lightning and hail, while giving the speech the author found out the Steeple was one fire, but the Church wasn’t harmed much