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Witchcrafts, strange and wonderfull

examination of an Anne Baker, a hand appeared to her and told her to kill her master, which she did with fire and a Crow spirit, and the examination of an Ioane Willimot who promised a spirit her soul, tried converted an Ellen Greene, discusses the trial of the Flower family, and of Margaret flower, but she wrote it

The wonderful discouerie of the vvitchcrafts

Ioan, Margaret and Phillip Flower associated themselves with the Beauer Castle, the Early and the Lady began to suspect them of witchcraft, of robbery and bewitching a man into loving Phillip, the devil came to them and they agreed to give their souls to have spirits like dogs, cats, and rats at their control, they were apprehended and sent to Lincoln, during her trial Ione asked for bread and butter and died after eating it, the daughters were executed; includes trials and confessions of other men and women, and then the individual confessions of the sisters who reported having spirits sucking on them