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A discouery of the fraudulent practises of Iohn Darrel

60+, included here because trial seems to be of interest, over 150 pages, a discourse attempting to prove that Minister Dorrell taught Sommers to counterfeit his possession, too long to summarize but an outline of the arguments is broken down by book at the end of the document

The triall of Maist. Dorrell

seemingly a defense of Master Dorrell, who was accused of teaching multiple people to counterfeit possession, inquiries were made into the possessions of several young girls, one of which gained supernatural strength and knowledge, contains multiple allegations and then reasons why they aren’t true, discusses the possession of William Sommers, discusses Katherine Wright and Martha Brossier, also contains a report of Oliffe Barthram of Stradbrook in the County of Suffolke bewitching Ioane Iorden, for which she was arraigned and executed in 1599

A breife narration of the possession

William Sommers was apparently possessed by a witch of Worcestershire, Minister Iohn Dorrell was called to assist with William Sommers, as he was possessed and the minister was known to be responsible for several dispossessions, after being disposed Sommers accused a witch, but was himself accused and committed to prison, in which the devil appeared to him, saying that if he didn’t let him reenter and didn’t say that his possession was counterfeit that he would be hanged, when confessing to counterfeiting he broke out into fits, they all believed that he was possessed, then they believed he was counterfeiting and arrested Dorrell, goes on to discuss dispossession/possession theoretically and to provide arguments for his supposed possession