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The Strange and dreadful relation of a horrible tempest of thunder and lightning and of strange apparitions in the air

a storm sent hail and lightning down in Wetherby, many people say ‘appearances of several shapes’ in the storm, then a whirlwind of flame descended from the sky, also reports of a monstrous birth in Ill-Brewers where a mother gave birth two a female conjoined twin two necks and heads, they were baptized and are to be brought to London for the curious to see

Signes and wonders from heaven

a woman came to a house where only a maid was present demanding beer and bacon, when the family returned the maid was trembling in silence and the beer was everywhere and the master’s pigs died, reports of 40 arraigned and 20 executed witches at the Assizes in Norfolke

A certaine relation of the hog-faced gentlewoman

Mr. Burger’s wife, pregnant, denied an old woman suspected to be a witch who came begging at her door, she muttered something about a hoggish child as she left and was therefore suspected to be the witch responsible for this monstrous birth, people came to see her eat out of a trough, with a heavy dowry she was advertised for marriage by her parents, finally married, and the spell went away, making her beautiful