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The boy of Bilson

a young boy was thought to be possessed, could identify his supposed bewitcher when she was in the room but could not hear verse, he was found to be mixing ink with urine to feign bewitchment, he confessed to have meet a Thomas a priest, who taught him how to pretend in order to skip school, they tried to convert him, he begged for pardon after confessing

Feareful neuues of thunder and lightning with the terrible effects thereof

forty days before the incident, the sky turned red, then a discussion of the idolatrous Papacy, and then back in England the sky turned black on one side with sun on the other, and a rainbow appeared, then lightning and hail, while giving the speech the author found out the Steeple was one fire, but the Church wasn’t harmed much

A true discourse concerning the certaine possession and dispossession of 7 persons

a Nicholas Starkie married a rich woman who inherited her money from her papist relatives, she gave birth to a daughter and a son, Anne and John, who both began to go into violent fits, he consulted an Edmond Hartley, a known witch, who used popish charms on the children and cured them for a year, after they got sick again he consulted doctors, whomever Edmond kissed would have the Devil breathed into them, he drew circles in the ground, Margaret Byrom relative of Mrs. Starkie also fell into fits, he charmed Jane Ashton with marriage and flattery, and then kissed her as well, Margaret began to accuse him, she saw apparitions and the Devil, he prevented them from speaking often, Edmond was condemned and hanged

A true discourse, vpon the matter of Martha Brossier

Martha Brossier was examined by many religious authorities, and reported to Parliament to be faking despite popular opinion, could not answer in Latin despite rumors, officials began to exorcise her, she put a cross in her mouth, endured pin pricking, includes original document of her possession and goes on to disprove the points made, some saw her raised into the air, she was made to only drink holy water several days by a bishop