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A full and true account of the discovering, apprehending

A Sarah Griffith was long expected to be a bad woman, but the town became especially suspicious when the children started vomiting pins, experiencing fits, and seeing apparitions of cats, Mother Griffith went to buy something when the man accused her of bewitching his scales, she said she would get revenge, after his shop was in disorder and he had a strange disease, later a group of young men spotted Sarah and threw her in the water to find that she floats, she cursed on of the man’s arms and his fingers went black, and died of pain, Mother Griffith was apprehended, she pleaded innocent but was committed to Bridewel.

A full and true account of the apprehending and taking

A Sarah Moordike was apprehended and examined for bewitching a Richard Hetheway, Richard went to Sarah to help repair one of her locks, after he fell sick and could not eat or drink, when she was brought he scratched her to draw blood, he was able to eat again but his excrement had pins in it, she was committed for further examination.

Lithobolia, or, The stone-throwing devil

An elderly woman had some of her land taken away unjustly, so she perpetrated lithobolia, or stone-throwing, against George Walton’s house, a black cat was spotted at the scene of the crime but often disappeared from place to place, the author’s house was also attacked, they tried to boil pins and urine as a counter spell but rocks came in an obstructed their efforts, a fence dividing the property was broken down, and when they tried to repair it they were pelted, there was peace until Walton was struck in the head and died, the witch was examined but no other details are given.

A full and true account of the proceedings at the sessions

Includes accounts of robberies and other crimes, in addition to the trial of Iane Kent, who bewitched to death a five-year old after first bewitching her father’s swine, tried to make a business transaction with him but wouldn’t pay, after which his daughter’s body started swelling, he was advised by a doctor to boil his wife’s hair and other things, which caused the witch pain and made her swell the next day, one women found a teat on her back and holes behind her ears but she was found not guilty.

A Most true relation how one Margaret Simpson widow, together with Elizabeth Griffin an infant of about a year and an half old

a widow Margaret Simpson, with Elizabeth Griffin and an infant, were struck dead by lightning, apparently Margaret was making oaths and curses before she was struck, before she had gotten into an argument with someone who wanted money from her, she was known for her drinking and violent temper, the author says her punishment is warning against swearing and cursing

The Mowing-devil

Brief summary:
A farmer was bargaining with a mower about cutting down some of his oats, when the price wasn’t right they fought and the farmer swore about preferring the Devil to mow his oats, that night his oats appeared as if on fire but the next day were perfectly mowed.

Fuller summary:
The pamphlet details a phenomenal instance that occurred in Hartfordshire in August 1678 (pamphlet published August 22, 1678). A farmer wanted his field mowed, and so he went to a poor neighbor who usually worked in harvest labor and proposed a small compensation for his field to be mowed. The poor man asked for a higher price for his labor, and let it be known that the farmer “bid him much more under the usual Rate than the poor Man askt above it” (2). In other words, the farmer was proposing an unreasonably low price and the poor man was within his rights to ask for a higher compensation. The farmer however, was not happy with this and some harsh words were exchanged. The farmer decided he would discuss the matter no further, but the poor man, afraid of losing future business, then proposed to the farmer “a lower price than he had Mowed for any time this Year before,” (3). The farmer said in response, “That the Devil himself should Mow his Oats before he should have anything to do with them,” (3).

In the night, several “Passengers” beheld the farmer’s field of oats “to be all on a Flame” and this strange news reached the farmer in the morning (4). He went out to see his oats, imagining them to be completely devoured by the flames (reflecting on the statement he uttered the day before “That the Devil himself should Mow his Oats before he should have anything to do with them”). The farmer was amazed to find his crops cut down, not in the usual manner but in round circles, with every straw placed so exactly, no man could possibly have performed this task in one night. And the farmer is still afraid to remove the mowed crops from their devilish design.

The pamphlet is told as a dramatic narrative, relaying the story after the matter, and being careful to place the blame of the quarrel on the farmer for being unreasonable. Demonic/devilish intervention is pointed to as the cause of this occurrence, and the opening of the pamphlet provides a dramatic statement that devils certainly exist and they come from hell, as certainly as there is a heaven and consequently a God.

Thunder haile, & lightn[ing] from heauen

punishment from god, ‘in behalf of the poor,’ discussion of covetousness and punishment from god, in Lincolenshire birds were struck by lightning dead in the sky, poor wanted rich farmers to grow extra crops, dispute between the poor and the rich, later the sky went black, and lightning struck, all crops were destroyed but those of one virtuous rich man who stood up for the poor

The most cruell and bloody murther committed by an Inkeepers wife

Brief summary
Annis and George Dell ransacked the house of Anthony James, killed him, then the woman stabbed his pregnant wife with a knife killing her, sister revealed the murder even after having her tongue cut out, Annis was apprehended and brought to the Assizes when the boy of Anthony James was found in the bottom of a pond, she became a beggar after, they were both executed in addition to Iohane Harrison and her daughter.

Fuller summary
Anthony James is introduced as a hard workingman with a relationship like “ Abraham and Sara, he loving to her, she obedient to him”.(3). Together they had one daughter, Elizabeth, and a son, Anthony.

According to the pamphlet, the children came across the house of a very rich man. He had gold and silver among other things. They bound him and he begged them to take everything in exchange for his life. They kill the wealthy man’s child, his wife, and him. Then, two men named George Dell and a man Nicholas Dracon brutally murdered the son in Hatfield, as the title suggests. Ultimately, the men were executed in the public square of execution.

The last two pages of the pamphlet specifically talk about Iohane Harrifon, who has been accused and convicted of being a witch. Essentially, the pages focus on her in Royfton. For example, it focuses on her having taken advantage of an innocent and honest man and her Witch- side came out. He escaped but was not found and the ending of the pamphlet states that he was with George Dell and other victims, thus implying that he was dead.

The examination of John Walsh

Discussion about papist witchcraft and sin, then the confession/interrogation of John Walk, lived in a parish and practiced as a physician, he would open a book of his master’s that had great circles in it, which would summon three spirits that could tell him who was bewitched, he admitted to having his master’s familiar in the shape of a dog, man, etc. for a few years, he gave it a drop of his blood, he said they have no purpose but retrieving stolen items, he could make men and women sick by making wax figurines of them, also had a ceremony that could kill people he wished, said he never used them however