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A true discovery of a bloody plot contrived by the phanaticks

a rebellious party planned treasonous fires to take place on the king’s coronation, guards were kept at night in London to protect citizens from the dangerous group, 6 or 7 of them were apprehended near fleet-street, they remain in jail until their examination, the party apparently released letters of a strange prophecy of the fall of Europe and Christianity across England; also seven strange suns were spotted in Dantz, three of which were colored, also images like rainbows were seen

Feareful neuues of thunder and lightning with the terrible effects thereof

forty days before the incident, the sky turned red, then a discussion of the idolatrous Papacy, and then back in England the sky turned black on one side with sun on the other, and a rainbow appeared, then lightning and hail, while giving the speech the author found out the Steeple was one fire, but the Church wasn’t harmed much