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The blazing star, or, A discourse of comets, their natures and effects

a blazing light like a star was seen in the sky, rehearses a brief history of comets and their significations, then describes the astronomical details of the comet, states that all comets bring with them drought, bareness, and pestilence because of their physical effects, this one specifically will bring war because the air is dry, which bring heat, and heat makes men angry, the position of the sun is good news for the king

King Charls his starre: or, Astrologie defined

discussion of a recent comet not seen by the author, but thought to be either Venus or Mercury, describes its position and then says that this position signifies a great man or prophet arising to elevate some nation, he supposedly will change many things in the government and the church, making all things new, this also means an eclipsing state for those who currently hold power in England, the upcoming eclipse will correspond with the ruin of popery and the rise of Protestantism, the author then reveals that the comet’s signification is of King Charles

Merlini Anglici ephemeris astrologicall predictions

contains many letters testifying to the comet that appeared in 1652, the tail pointed to the Dutch and the author asserts that this signifies vengeance drawing near to them, while not fully red the color signifies that it will bring many storms and wars, the star also signifies a eminent man who will rule Europe with unprecedented power, also a plague in London is expected, in 1672 a new comet will appear

Extraordinary nevves from Constantinople

news of the ruin of the Turkish Empire while the king of Hungary visits the Imperial Council, a translated letter from French to English about high winds in the city along with two comets spotted in the sky, one of which flew over the Sophia, “the Great Turke” had nightmares of lions and other beasts attack him, a wise man said the dream and the comets signifies a rebellion and a weakening of the state, the lion represents an emperor of Christians, and the comets represent this invading emperor’s power, the emperor had them burnt in cages of straw but they went miraculously unharmed