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The tryal, condemnation, and execution of three vvitches

Temperance Floyd, Mary Floyd, and Susannah Edwards were arranged in Exeter for witchcraft, Temperance admitted to being in league with the devil for twenty years, and teaching the others tricks for five years, they bewitched the cattle of a minister Mr. Hann, she admitted to cause the crashing of several ships, and that the devil had been with her carnally, sucking from her teats, they squeezed to death several people, they were unable to say the Lord’s prayer in court unless backwards, the devil came to them as a hound, they were all executed.

Relation of the most remarkable proceedings at the late assizes

Mary Foster begged for money and food from a Joseph Weedon, and when he denied her he found his sheep to be dead, she was called before a Justice of the Peace multiple times but denied, a jury of women examined her to find teats on her body that were sucked on, she admitted to being carried into the air by the devil to light his barn on fire, she confessed to the crimes but not to being a witch, wanted to be burnt but was hanged, she was asked to do a trick by a citizen of London and almost escaped on a floating bason/basin?, a highway robber confessed and was also executed, along with another woman who killed her bastard child.

The discovery of vvitches: in answer to severall queries

‘The discoverer’ found that in Maningtree several female witches were gathering in the night with their imps to make sacrifices to the Devil, one witch was apprehended and found to have teats, includes a theoretical discussion of how to identify a witch and the Devil’s mark, answer to several queries about how the witches were detected and the witch hunter.

A true and exact relation of the severall informations

Elizabeth Clarke was accused of bewitching a sick woman, she admitted to having sex with the Devil in the night, she was accused of several bewitchings, told the lame and poor Anne West that she could live better through spirits, an associated Anne Leech was responsible for the death of a child, Rebecca West daughter of Anne also confessed to knowing the devil in many shapes, including a young man, the witches would meet at the house of Clarke to send of their spirits, contains many other accusations and examinations of minor cases of witchcraft, mostly dealing with Imps and teats, both men and women, all in 1645 all of which were seemingly executed.

A true relation of the araignment of eighteene vvitches

a Mr. Lowes confessed he bewitch a ship, A Thomas Evered and his wife Mary confessed to bewitching beer, other witches who bewitched children and cattle, they found teats on many of the witches in shapes of thunderbolts and mice and snakes, 120 other suspected witches in prison, the described witches were executed