A LEGO Turing Machine?

Science geeks are at it again. They’ve built the Antikythera Mechanism and Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine out of LEGOs. Now to celebrate Alan Turing’s birthday they’ve constructed a functioning Turing Machine: The video at the original post shows the machine blazing through the difficult mathematical problem: 2+2. What will these science geeks build next, a […]


From Trash Collecting to Collection of Trash

Another article in the NY Times raises questions about the nature of features of a museum. This time, a NYC sanitation worker, Nelson Molina, has spent the last 20 years collecting things that other people have thrown away. His collection now includes around 1000 pieces of art that he has arranged in the second floor […]

Press and Pop Culture

Oregon Plague Update

Paul Gaylord, the Oregon man who contracted the plague last month is recovering after a particularly nasty struggle with both bubonic and septicemic forms, at least according to the LA Times. He will lose some of his fingers and toes but should otherwise be okay. The story seems to have changed a bit since it […]