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Is Scientism a Cloaked Creationism

Shermer demands that we accept the findings of evolutionary psychology because it rests on the all powerful theory of evolution. Not only that, but genetic and evolutionary explanations should take precedence over all other forms of explanation. If you do not bow to genetic primacy, well, you are a creationist! This vision of evolutionary psychology is authoritarian and reductionistic and deterministic in the worst senses. This is analogous to how Shermer presents science more generally. Certainly there is scientific knowledge that we should have enormous faith in. There is science that has been robustly, thoroughly, and repeatedly corroborated, and which rests on well-established theoretical and mathematical principles. But Shermer rhetorically evokes images of these particular bits of knowledge in order to convince us that we should be equally confident in his knowledge claims, despite the fact that they far from meet the same standards. Furthermore, he dismisses all concerns that are antithetical to his narrow perspective, all in the name of science.

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