Writing only Requires …

I can draft a scene on a cocktail napkin because writing only requires something to write with and something to write on. I have things to do. I have stuff to make. I have a life to live and I refuse to waste it on exact measurements and trial-and-error blog design.

This doesn’t mean I’m against seeking out better ways of performing specific tasks or enjoying the finer things, but there’s a time for screwing around and there’s a time for doing…and I’m tired of screwing around.

Tweaking isn’t creating. Tweaking is procrastinating. It’s a denial of responsibility to produce and it’s a common problem among the “productivity porn” watchers (of which I used to be one).

Harry Marks’s post, “Actually Getting Things Done,” is a useful reminder for anybody who claims to write, whether fiction or nonfiction, long-form or short. The perfect pen, paper, journal, word processor, text editor, computer screen, keyboard, etc. doesn’t change the fact that writing requires you to write. Searching for the perfect tool is procrastinating.