Month: March 2015

HistorySTM March Madness Round 2 Results

Here are the results from HistorySTM March Madness Round 2. The question for Round 2 was:

Whose reputation has been most exaggerated by history?

Once again some of these results surprised me. How, for example, has history exaggerated Copernicus’s reputation more than Hypatia’s? Or Darwin more than Dee? Oh well. Here are the results.


  • Galileo over Cunitz by 9
  • Cavendish over al-Kindi by 15
  • Archimedes over Brahe by 9
  • Einstein over Merian by 11


  • Copernicus over Hypatia by 1
  • Regiomontanus over Meitner by 8
  • Ptolemy over al-Haytham by 12
  • du Châtelet over Sacrobosco by 2


  • Newton over Euclid by 3
  • Magnus over Vesalius by 2
  • Pliny over Bassi by 13
  • Darwin over Dee by 2


  • Trismegistus over Curie by 3
  • Pythagoras over Gilbert by 20
  • W. Herschel over al-Nafis by 6
  • Lovelace over Kepler by 9

HistorySTM March Madness Round 1 Results

Here are the results for HistorySTM March Madness Round 1. The question for Round 1 was:
Whom would you most like to have coffee with?

A number of these results surprised me, e.g., al-Nafis over Aurillac. Seriously, I would love to talk to somebody who had an animated brazen head. That he was a pope makes it all the more interesting. And Pythagoras over Aldrovandi? I didn’t suspect some of the contests to be so close, especially the Boyle Pliny match-up. While Boyle might be the more obvious person, I suspect he’d be dull over coffee. Pliny, by contrast, would I imagine be hilarious. In any case, here’s how the first round ended.


  • Galileo over Lavoisier by 4
  • Cunitz over Grosseteste by 4
  • Cavendish over Descartes by 16
  • al-Kindi over Boethius by 10
  • Brahe over Franklin by 4
  • Archimedes over Hippocrates by 17
  • Merian over Oresme by 3
  • Einstein over Bacon by 3


  • Copernicus over Riccioli by 19
  • Hypatia over Peuerbach by 13
  • Regiomontanus over C. Herschel by 2
  • Meitner over Eudoxus by 12
  • Ptolemy over Abu Mashar by 9
  • al-Haytham over Wittich by 8
  • Sacrobosco over Kirch by 1
  • du Châtelet over al-Biruni by 11


  • Newton over Seville by 4
  • Euclid over Noether by 6
  • Magnus over Eratosthenes by 2
  • Vesalius over Avicenna by 2
  • Pliny over Boyle by 1
  • Bassi over ibn Ishaq by 7
  • Dee over Becher by 18
  • Darwin over von Humboldt by 4


  • Curie over Averroes by 13
  • Trismegistus over Galen by 11
  • Gilbert over Harvey by 6
  • Pythagoras over Aldrovandi by 12
  • al-Nafis over Aurillac by 18
  • W. Herschel over Ray by 17
  • Lovelace over Priestly by 2
  • Kepler over Cremona by 27

HistorySTM March Madness Round 3

Voting in Round 3 of the HistorySTM March Madness is now open. This round’s question:
Whose work/contribution are you willing to erase from history?

HistorySTM March Madness Round 2

Voting in Round 2 of the HistorySTM March Madness is now open. This round’s question:
Whose reputation has been most exaggerated by history?