HistorySTM March Madness

HistSTM March Madness—Arithmetica Round 1

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Arithmetica Round 1
We see some history of science heroes go head to head early in the tournament as well as some unfamiliar names. First up, two big names: Galileo, the poster boy for science vs. religion, goes against Lavoisier, near and dear to the hearts of the Chemical Heritage Foundation (and chemists everywhere). Then Robert Grosseteste, chancellor of Oxford and bishop of Lincoln, squares off against Maria Cunitz, the 17th-century German astronomer. We return to big names when Margaret Cavendish takes on René Descartes. Al-Kindi and Boethius bring totally different skills to the competition. It will be interesting to see who wins that match up.

Once again Rosalind Franklin has to try to manage a difficult personality, this time in Tycho Brahe. Towering figures from antiquity, the quasi-mythical Hippocrates against Archimedes—let’s hope Archimedes does run through the streets naked again if he wins. In a rivalry for the ages, we see Germany’s Maria Sybilla Merian take on France’s Nicole Oresme—will these two countries ever stop fighting? Two heroes round out the first round, Einstein against Roger Bacon.

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