HistorySTM March Madness

HistorySTM March Madness Round 3 Results

Whose work/contribution are you willing to erase from history?

Once you get beyond the fact that some of these competitors haven’t lost in previous rounds, this round offered few surprises. I was sorry to see Trismegistus knocked out—not because he was particularly important, but because I liked the fact that a fictional character was still in the running.


  • Einstein over Archimedes by 3
  • Galileo over Cavendish by 9


  • du Châtelet over Ptolemy by 2
  • Copernicus over Regiomontanus by 6


  • Dariwn over Pliny by 8
  • Newton over Magnus by 2


  • Lovelace over Herschel by 4
  • Pythagoras over Trismegistus by 4