And Millennials Didn’t Invent…

Along with the list of things things Alex Nicholson points out Millennials didn’t discover “My Gen X life has been Columbused by Millennials,” I would add MOOCs.[1] The core dream of using the latest technology to democratize education and broadcast the best college and university lectures to the underprivileged has been failing for nearly a century. See, e.g., Prof. Michael Pupin’s “Radio Universities.”

Professor Pupin’s MORU: Massively Open Radio University
Professor Pupin’s MORU: Massively Open Radio University

  1. We, thankfully, haven’t been hearing as much about MOOCs lately. Perhaps the post-lapsarian utopia they promised turned out to be more hype than real. That’s not to say some people in some demographics with some resources and with the benefit of previous education don’t learn something from taking largely self-directed on-line courses—sort of technologically enhanced versions of “[Subject-of-Choice] for Dummies”—but the promises of solving “education’s problems" and making the world a better place seem to have been overblown.  ↩