The first day of the new year seemed as good a time as any to try something new here. Today kicks off my Ask Me Anything project. Readers, occasional visitors, or people who just somehow came across the link and are so moved can submit questions about anything. Each week I will choose one of the questions and post my honest and considered response.

There’s nothing particularly new or innovative about my version of this AMA, though I don’t know of another professor doing something similar. My inspiration for this experiment comes more from Nick Cave’s incredibly thoughtful and often beautiful “The Red Hand Files” than from the more frenetic Reddit AMAs.1

My motivation for this project is simply curiosity: What, if anything, do people want to know about [my] life as a professor?

Photo by Patrick Montero

So go ahead, Ask Me Anything.

  1. Whatever you think of Nick Cave’s music, you can’t deny the time, effort, and compassion that he puts into every single one of his replies. It is clear that he spends, as he remarked recently, “Fucking ages” crafting his responses.  ↩