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Ad Astra Podcast

For scholars working on the history of astrology, The Astra Project is the wonderful resource and community of experts. The two people who seem to be the most public faces of the project are Helena Avelar and Luís Campos Ribeiro.

The Astra Project brings together some amazing scholars/experts on all facets of the history of astrology.

The project also hosts the ad Astra podcast, which interviews scholars working on a wide variety of projects in the history of astrology (the interviews are also posted to the YouTube channel). They also post a series, “In Memoriam,” which brings together scholars to reflect on the contributions of an important scholar in the history of astrology.

I recently shared a wonderful conversation with Helena and Luís, hosts of the ad Astra podcast.

I was delighted when they asked if they could interview me for the podcast. I really enjoyed talking with Helena and Luís about my book and my current work on Ὁ Καρπός, the Greek version of aphorisms attributed to Ptolemy. You can download the podcast here. Or you can watch our conversation on YouTube.

If you have any interest in the history of astrology, I recommend listening to all the interviews.