Astrology at the Adler

The Adler Planetarium has posted a nice little slideshow on astrology: “Written in the Stars..” Each slide offers a bit of text and an image from something in the Alder’s collection — books, prints, and instruments.

The Adler’s slideshow on astrology: “Written in the Stars”

Unsurprisingly, one of my favorite is the slide of the astrolabe, a lovely instrument from Al-Andalus:

An Andalusian astrolabe from the Adler’s collection.

Also amazing is the image of the plaque dedicated to the Adler upon its opening in 1930. The modernist aesthetic is beautiful:

The plaque dedicated upon the opening of the Adler in 1930.

The slideshow is rather brief, more a series of vignettes than an exhibition. But a nice way to spend a few minutes.