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Tarot Redux

Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Perhaps it was fated. Either way, The New York Times published a sort of “how-to” article on Tarot on, of all days, April 1: “How to Get Started With Tarot.” As the subtitle suggests with its invocation of “introspection,” and the first paragraph confirms, they were not suggesting Tarot produced anything we might call predictive knowledge. I also note they did not publish this article in the “science” section.

Screenshot of the first part of the article in The NY Times introducing Tarot.
A recent article in The NY Times offers an introduction to Tarot, sort of.

The various steps they recommend emphasize the experiential aspect of Tarot: choosing a deck that resonates with you; set the mood with incense, scented sprays, and particular table cloths; shuffle however long feels comfortable; pull cards intuitively until you feel you’ve answered the question. The article is rather thin on practical instructions, e.g., what the cards mean, ways of arranging the cards you pull, how to pull together an interpretation. But then, I guess that wasn’t the goal. What exactly the goal was, however, eludes me. Tarot does seem to crop up with some regularity in the (virtual) pages of The NY Times (articles in The NY Times on Tarot), so maybe it was just time for another article.