The most true and wonderfull narration of two women

Some elderly women were being arranged for witchcraft, two of the chief witness fell into fits in front of the Judges, they then vomited knives, wool, pins, and marble on the floor, the Judges were satisfied with the evidence against the witches but decided to give more time before deciding if the vomit was from the devil or something artificial produced by the women, and then contains a translation from Latin of physician’s notes about the disease.


The Most true and wonderfull relation of a starre of a great magnitude

a while ago blood rained from the sky in another town, discusses other stars or ‘apparitions’ in the sky but says that this one is unparalleled in history, then describes the comet seen at Haulin which was apparently huge in its magnitude and splendor, sometimes it appears as a square and other times as a sword, then it split into pieces of red coal in the sky