Mr. Lillies new prophecy, of the white-Easter, and its effects

discusses past comets, and the more recent one in 1652 and the comet predicted by the author that appeared in 1672, it was seen in Hampshire and its tail pointed to the East, this comet will result in war, poverty, famine, the burning of cities, and other tragedies for Europe, especially Germany, Holland, and Constantinople


A Magical vision

The author was taken up by a broomstick and dropped off in a desert he did not know, then saw a mysterious old man, drew a circle in the ground and wrote names to summon, then appeared millions of creatures, another young man appeared boasting to have seen the face of Agrippa, the man boasts how he has control of witches and witchcraft, calls himself the Prince, the High Priest, the Jew-Errant, then the author awakes claiming that this and other similar stories are but dreams.