About EM Pamphlets

Early Modern Pamphlets began as a collection of pamphlets that treat cases of witchcraft or possession. It fulfills various functions, including:

— it is a finding aid for students in my courses.

— it offers people interested in early modern witchcraft and possession a convenient place to survey popular opinions about both.

— as it grows, students will contribute to each pamphlet by building research projects around them and posting their results.

— in the future it will include pamphlets on various prodigious meteorological phenomena (e.g., comets, hail, thunder).

Each post provides a summary of the pamphlet, a series of tags that categorize the pamphlet’s content, a link to on-line copies. Eventually, many of the posts will include EPUB versions of the pamphlet.


We hope you enjoy and find it useful. Comments and suggestions about how we can improve the site are welcome.

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