A brief treatise containing the most strange and horrible cruelty

told from the POV of the author, who after having fits at night, saw the shadow of a black cat in his room, presumably Mother Dutton as she had also visited his brother at night, he brought her to Windesore before the Magistrates, they told him to let her go, she and her confederates then went out to haunt the author and bewitch his friends, they used their familiars to make the Mayor put him in prison for no apparent reason, eventually Elizabeth Stile, Mother Dutton, and the rest were examined, Elizabeth and the author got into a fight, the author fought them off but later saw the Devil, Elizabeth was apprehended and executed


A booke declaringe the fearfull vexasion

Alexander Ninge’s first fits began with his family watching him go into violent convulsions, his brother Edward thought it to be an evil spirit, his brother was able to fight the spirit off for a while, and the town was called to help pray for Alexander, the spirit began to speak through him, they began to read scripture to it, then the boy’s body transformed into the shape of the Devil, eventually the spirit left him with the help of his brother Edward,