A most certain, strange, and true discovery of a vvitch

Brief summary:
Marching soldiers spotted a woman walking on water with a plank, the soldiers decided to shoot her but she caught the bullets in her hands and chewed them, a man ran up to stab her with a sword and she died.

Fuller summary:
While part of an army marched through Newberry, a section of the soldiers left the group to forage for nuts and fruits. While doing so, one soldier climbed a tree and noticed what appeared to be a woman walking on water. The soldier called to the other soldiers, and together they went to get a better look at the woman. Upon closer inspection, they realized that the woman was in fact on a piece of wood, but she was standing on it and maneuvering it in such a way to warrant suspicion, so once she reached the shore the commanders ordered for her to be obtained. When they asked her what she was and she gave no answer, the commanders decided to have their two best marksmen shoot the woman. Bam! But she had not died. She had caught the bullets with her hands, put them in her mouth and chewed them, laughing loudly all the while. Enraged by this, one soldier stuck the muzzle of his gun right against her breast and fired, only for the bullet to bounce off of the witch and almost strike him dead. Realizing that guns were not working, a soldier with a sword tried to stab her, only to fail in killing her for a third time, resulting in more laughter from the witch and more rage from the soldiers. Finally, one calm and rational soldier exclaimed that “drawing blood from forth the veines that crosse the temples of the head” would “quell the force of Witchcraft.” Upon merely hearing this, the woman realized that she had lost her power and began to cry, roar, moan, and tear her hair out before finally speaking: “and is it come to passe, that I must dye? why then his Excellency the Early of Essex shall be fortunate and win the field.” These were her final words, as a soldier shot her underneath her ear, whereupon she died.